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Angle Grinder Stand

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This Angle Grinder Stand is perfect for your workshop. Our Angle Grinder Stand is easy to install and operate with a simple setup and your favorite angle grinder. Featuring a multi-angle cutting system, the Angle Grinder Stand offers supreme control over your work. Made with high-quality metal, a solid roller design, and a large size protective cover, it's built to last and safe to use. The base is stable and sturdy while easily placed on your table. Get your work done like a pro with the Angle Grinder Stand in your hands.


Features and Benefits 



The Angle Grinder Stand can cut from any angle between 0 and 45 degrees.



Quickly set up the Angle Grinder Stand using all the parts included, attach your tool, and get to work!



Made with a high-strength spring and solid roller design, the Angle Grinder Stand is very accurate to cut with and is built to last.

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